Cavendish Beach, Prince Edward Island

Yesterday I drove out to Cavendish beach with my girlfriend Krista. We had a great time walking along the beach, dipping our feet in the water and looking at neat rocks in the warm weather. However, the Gulf of St. Lawrence waters are still a little cool for swimming.




Bridge in Milton, PE- Two for the Price of One



Here’s the bridge that replaced the bridge from yesterday’s photo.  It was such a beautiful spot, that I spent some time there shooting both digitally on my iPhone and on film with my old Pentax.  These shots were taken with my iPhone.  I love using lines in my photos.  Bridges are interesting to me, if not a bit cliche as a photography subject.

But hey… Things become cliche for a reason.

Sunset Over a Field in Brookfield, Prince Edward Island


This is the sun setting over a field near my house in Brookfield, Prince Edward Island, Canada. I took this photo with my iPhone instead of my usual Pentax and 35mm film.

My thought process while taking this photo was primarily the rule of thirds, and how I could bring out the colours in the soil and grass. Notice the three main horizontal lines that loosely follow the rule of thirds, and the setting sun on the top left “thirds” intersection. I used my iPhones “HDR” feature which basically stitches together more than one exposure of the same shot providing a higher dynamic range. This accompanied with a contrast boost and an instagram treatment give this photo it’s final touch.


Why I bought an iPhone: A Story of Impulse Purchases and Addiction

In order to truly understand why I bought an iPhone we must start about two years before my purchasing decision.

I was in search of a simple cell phone to keep in contact with my family, friends, and colleagues easier. After not so careful consideration I settled on Rogers as a carrier. Looking past the smart phones I spied a cheap Sony Erickson flip phone; 0$ on a 3 year contract. I was sold. It was a simple cellphone with a built-in mp3 player, and low-res camera. The sales consultant graciously gave me the details of the contract. I listened and signed where he told me too. I drove home that day happy that I had taken a step towards easier communication. There was one thing I didn’t think of as I walked out of that store. What if the phone broke before my contract was up.

One day it happened, I flipped open my phone and all I got was a blank white screen. The phone was past its one year warranty by a few months and at that time I did not feel like buying a new phone.

A few months passed without my cellphone. I wasn’t completely devastated without it, I could have managed. What I wasn’t managing well was continuing to pay a $40 dollar bill every month for a mobile plan I couldn’t use. Another few months passed and I caved.

On impulse one day to drive to the local Rogers store to get a replacement for my defective phone. I was determined to get a cheaper phone like the one I already owned, preventing an increase in my contract period. While standing in line waiting for help I spied my soon to be object of desire across the room, my plan to purchase a cheap phone went out the window.

I walked out of the store that day with an iPhone. I now had a more expensive cell phone bill, a longer contract and the makings of an addiction.