Sunset Over a Field in Brookfield, Prince Edward Island


This is the sun setting over a field near my house in Brookfield, Prince Edward Island, Canada. I took this photo with my iPhone instead of my usual Pentax and 35mm film.

My thought process while taking this photo was primarily the rule of thirds, and how I could bring out the colours in the soil and grass. Notice the three main horizontal lines that loosely follow the rule of thirds, and the setting sun on the top left “thirds” intersection. I used my iPhones “HDR” feature which basically stitches together more than one exposure of the same shot providing a higher dynamic range. This accompanied with a contrast boost and an instagram treatment give this photo it’s final touch.



Photos- Around Prince Edward Island

Here are some photos I took just a few weeks ago.  All of them are on Kodak Gold 200 except for the Brackley Beach one, which is on Fuji iso400 film.  All of these have been touched up in photoshop.  Enjoy!

Charlottetown, PE

Brackley Beach, PE

North Cape, PE

North Cape, PE