People Worth Listening To- The Protomen

The Protomen are an American indie rock band based in Nashville, Tennessee.  I’ve posted about them before.  Their music is loosely based on the “Mega Man” video game series.  However, their 2005 album “The Protomen” (Now entitled Act I) as well as their 2009 followup “Act II: The Father of Death” tell a darker version of events that differs greatly from the existing “official” story line.

I became a fan of this band when I was first introduced to their second album “Act II” by a cousin of mine.  To me it seemed to be highly influenced by the sounds of the 1980s, but still was something completely fresh and new sounding.  From this jumping point I also fell in love with their debut album “The Protomen” (Act I).

The band maintains a certain mystique surrounding their identities.  Little is known about the members other than their creative stage names that are generally pop culture references.  Their live performances are quite theatrical and they like to play cover versions of 70s and 80s songs that go along with the themes present in their own music.


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