People Worth Listening To- Big Bill Broonzy

Perhaps one of the most prolific blues performers of all time, Big Bill Broonzy (Lee Conley Bradley) began his career in the 1920s playing country blues.  Broonzy draws influence from the many styles of music he heard growing up in the rural south.  The folk musics, spirituals and blues that he heard locally.

Moving to Chicago, Broonzy’s sound became tougher.  This paved the way for later “Chicago Blues” artists such as Muddy Waters.  There is no denying Big Bill Broonzy’s importance in the world of music.  One of my favourite Broonzy tunes is “Key to the Highway”.  It’s a wonderful “8-Bar Blues” and has been covered many times by many artists.

This recording of “Key to the Highway” Is also available on a compilation entitled “The Big Bill Broonzy Story”.


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