My New Friend Rodney!

This blog has been on hiatus lately, but I got a friendly comment from a chap named Rodney today.  It was so pleasant and thoughtful that I thought I’d write him a response.  Here you go Rodney 🙂

Original Post:

Rodney’s friendly comment:

You poor baby…. Miracle Whip instead of real mayo.. Ahh…. I bet you used to play barbies with your 1st blood cousin while you were fucking her in the ass, too, right? You’re a scrawny little bastard, I can tell, and I would love nothing more than to rn your ass over with my police car you queer.

My Response:

I usually don’t approve comments as ignorant and petty as your’s. I don’t think your comment deserves to be dignified with a response, but I’m going to give you one anyway. Why, you ask? Because I thought that my readers would get a kick out of your gross misuse of a keyboard and internet connection.

I bet you used to bully other kids on the playground, push them around etc. You didn’t like kids that were different, and God forbid one of those kids was a minority. The truth is, you were the one that was different in your Hulk Hogan sweat suit and greasy mullet. Both given to you by your chain-smoking, alcoholic, drug addicted Mother. Maybe if you had taken a bath more than once a week as a kid, you wouldn’t have been such an outcast. You would spend your days sitting on the dirty tobacco and whiskey stained carpet waiting for your next beating.


I can make false assumptions and broad generalizations too. However, even if any of that were true I wouldn’t feel bad for you. You’re a horrible person. The kind that makes me sick to my stomach. I sincerely hope you’re not a police officer, or in any position of authority for that matter. You’re a backwards, homophobic asshole that natural selection forgot.

You go ahead and eat your Miracle Whip, I don’t give two flying fucks. This article is a joke, kind of like your brain. I’m surprised you can read, let alone use a computer.

Fuck you Rodney.