The Clash Band

The Charlottetown Community Clash Band is an uncanny group of music makers that performs in my city’s annual “gold cup and saucer” parade.  Made up of local professional, amateur, experienced and inexperienced musicians, this group comes together once a year to dress up in strange attire and make music.  I have had the pleasure of performing with this group in the last three parades, the most recent being this past Friday.

A shot of last year's parade

Normally the group has two rehearsals.  One sit down reading rehearsal the Sunday before the parade, and another marching rehearsal the evening before the parade.  Although I missed the sit down rehearsal this year and contemplated skipping out on the parade entirely I decided to blow the dust of my trombone case and give it a shot.  My chops were (and are) seriously out of shape as going 3 months without so much as a note can often do.  I managed to blow through a few scales and warm-ups the afternoon before the marching rehearsal and was feeling as prepared for the parade as I was going to be.

We finished the parade blowing through Kenneth Alford’s “Colonel Bogey” and I’ll tell you, I was super glad to be finished. The parade was hot, sweaty and exhausting, and by the end of it my chops were dead.  It was all worth it though, because it was a butt-load of fun.  I removed my camelbak and closeted my sombrero and began to look forward to next year’s parade.