Juice Boxes- WTF is this?

As a kid I loved juice boxes.  There was nothing more satisfying than drinking my juice from a box.  There is just something about the boxed variety that strikes a chord in my heart.  Sipping on the straw, feeling the flexible cardboard in my fingers, tasting the sweet nectar of the gods.

There is only one problem with juice boxes at the age I am now…

They’re just  too fucking small!!!

Is it too much to ask that juice companies package their juice in something that takes more than 3 sips to finish?  Of course I can purchase cans and bottles, but it’s just not the same.  I would totally buy juice boxes all the time if they were of a reasonable volume.

Juice isn’t the only thing I’d like to purchase in boxed form.  I think individually portioned boxed wine would sell well.  Bottles of wine, and larger boxes of wine are just too much if you’re only having one drink.

In short, I believe the beverage industry would benefit heavily from the introduction of larger sized drink boxes.  That is all.


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