Things That Scared me as a Kid

– The Shredder

I can’t quite describe what disturbed me about the cartoon version of the Shredder, all I can say is that little Wade Mack couldn’t watch ninja turtles by himself.

– The fucked up looking blue tractor that cut the grass at the park

I wasn’t afraid of most tractors.  In fact, I was quite fond of them as my dad’s a farmer.  There was something about this tractor that made me feel like icy cold claws were clenching my fragile heart.  Something about this tractor seemed evil, an evil older than the earth itself.  It would cause me to run at full speed back to my grandparent’s house.  Or on days where I didn’t get out of the park before it started cutting, I would hide on the tallest playground equipment and cry.

– Jurassic Park was scary shit

Now don’t get me wrong.  I was quite afraid of tyrannosaurus-rex, but there was something about the velociraptors in this movie that was so much more frightening.

– Flushing the Toilet

I can’t quite explain it, but I knew in my heart that if I didn’t get the fuck out of the bathroom before the toilet finished flushing… bad shit was going to go down (in more ways than just one).

– The fucking owl on Mr. Dressup

Toowit-toowee, toowit-toowoo.  That’s some fucking scary shit.

– The Woods

I used to be absolutely petrified of the woods.  Which is funny, because the most dangerous things in the woods where I live are small woodland animals.  I was always afraid that there were snakes (just garter snakes in my area) and other creepy crawlies.  I wasn’t having any part of that shit.


Juice Boxes- WTF is this?

As a kid I loved juice boxes.  There was nothing more satisfying than drinking my juice from a box.  There is just something about the boxed variety that strikes a chord in my heart.  Sipping on the straw, feeling the flexible cardboard in my fingers, tasting the sweet nectar of the gods.

There is only one problem with juice boxes at the age I am now…

They’re just  too fucking small!!!

Is it too much to ask that juice companies package their juice in something that takes more than 3 sips to finish?  Of course I can purchase cans and bottles, but it’s just not the same.  I would totally buy juice boxes all the time if they were of a reasonable volume.

Juice isn’t the only thing I’d like to purchase in boxed form.  I think individually portioned boxed wine would sell well.  Bottles of wine, and larger boxes of wine are just too much if you’re only having one drink.

In short, I believe the beverage industry would benefit heavily from the introduction of larger sized drink boxes.  That is all.

Robbie Robertson Releases First Album in 13 Years


Robbie Robertson, formerly of the Band released his first album in 13 years Tuesday.  I find hit has a modern feel, but still holds true to his roots in the Band.  It includes guitar and vocals from Eric Clapton and organ from Steve Winwood.  It was a good record and I really enjoyed listening to it.

You can read a review, and listen to it here:

Man Found Stuck in Chair- WTF is this?

I read this today:

Police said a Bellaire man had to be removed from his home on Washington Street Sunday.

Police said the man’s skin had become attached to the fabric of the chair after he sat in it for two years

Authorities said he was sitting in his own feces and urine and maggots were visible.

Police were called in to help transfer the man to the hospital.

Authorities said they had to cut a hole in the wall to get the man out of his home.

Shockingly, two other able-bodied people lived there–another man, who had a separate bedroom, and the girlfriend of the man who was stuck in the chair. Officials say the girlfriend served food to him, since he never got up.

Bellaire Code Enforcer Jim Chase says now the tenants have been given orders to clean it or leave it.

One officer said it was the worst thing he ever responded to. And most said the worst part of all was the smell. Ironically the landlord says the man in the chair rented from her before and used to be a vital active person.

She says she checked on them periodically but lately he always sat with a blanket over him. She says she had no idea it had come to this.

Sunday morning his housemates called officials when he was unresponsive.

The 43-year-old man is currently in the hospital.


This is kinda’ gross.  You would think his housemates would have called the officials before this point, maybe at the feces and maggots point.  According to news reports now, the man has died.  This was an avoidable death.

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