Planet Waves NS Pro Capo Review

I’ve used a few different kinds of capo.  Most of my experience has been with the standard trigger design, but I have used the strap on kind as well.  A few weeks ago I lost the trigger design capo that I have been using for years, I wasn’t to upset because I had never been happy with it.  You see, the standard trigger design capos tend to have too much tension which can really affect the accuracy of your intonation.  I always found mine adequate for acoustic guitar, but just horrible on electric.

I picked up the Planet Waves NS Pro Capo from my local music shop while I was on my way to a jam session.  It’s first duty was to hold down the fourth fret of my open-G tuned telecaster for a play through the Rolling Stones’ “Tumbling Dice”.  I was immediately impressed with its performance.   It was easy to put on with one hand, you just put it over the neck at the desired fret and tighten the knob until the strings stop buzzing.  This allows you to apply just the right amount of tension to the strings, therefore giving you accurate intonation.

The capo is sleek-looking and very light.  I didn’t even notice the extra weight on my neck.  It also seems very durable, but only time will be able to tell for sure.

I would recommend this product to any guitarist who wants an affordable, easy to use and very precise capo.


3 thoughts on “Planet Waves NS Pro Capo Review

  1. Each man has opinion of his own. And I have got a different one. Yep, the capo looks good, no extra weight on neck and so on. But!, after using it for about 5 days (only 5 days!!!) it broke down. All parts were broken. And do you know how? I just tightened it. Then the screw or something flew away and it fell off the neck.

    I would not recommend it. Anymore….

    • Funny, I know a few people with this capo including myself who’ve never had a problem. Every manufacture makes the occasional defective piece of merchandise. Am I confident that this capo will last me a long time? Yes. Would I buy it again if it did break? Yes. Would I gig without a backup? No, but I wouldn’t gig without a backup anything.

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