Why I bought an iPhone: A Story of Impulse Purchases and Addiction

In order to truly understand why I bought an iPhone we must start about two years before my purchasing decision.

I was in search of a simple cell phone to keep in contact with my family, friends, and colleagues easier. After not so careful consideration I settled on Rogers as a carrier. Looking past the smart phones I spied a cheap Sony Erickson flip phone; 0$ on a 3 year contract. I was sold. It was a simple cellphone with a built-in mp3 player, and low-res camera. The sales consultant graciously gave me the details of the contract. I listened and signed where he told me too. I drove home that day happy that I had taken a step towards easier communication. There was one thing I didn’t think of as I walked out of that store. What if the phone broke before my contract was up.

One day it happened, I flipped open my phone and all I got was a blank white screen. The phone was past its one year warranty by a few months and at that time I did not feel like buying a new phone.

A few months passed without my cellphone. I wasn’t completely devastated without it, I could have managed. What I wasn’t managing well was continuing to pay a $40 dollar bill every month for a mobile plan I couldn’t use. Another few months passed and I caved.

On impulse one day to drive to the local Rogers store to get a replacement for my defective phone. I was determined to get a cheaper phone like the one I already owned, preventing an increase in my contract period. While standing in line waiting for help I spied my soon to be object of desire across the room, my plan to purchase a cheap phone went out the window.

I walked out of the store that day with an iPhone. I now had a more expensive cell phone bill, a longer contract and the makings of an addiction.


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